Co-Education System in pakistan Advantages and Disadvantages

coeducation in Pakistan

Simply introduction

Co-education is an educational system that allows girls and boys to study together simultaneously. This allows girls and boys to understand each other and gain confidence. In this article, we will discuss co-education in Pakistan.

Co-education was first introduced in 

In Western Europe, after the reformation, some groups got together and said that girls could get training along with boys.

Co-education In Pakistan

CO education started in Pakistan at the time of independence in 1947, but at that time, the percentage of women was less than 5% who were getting CO education simultaneously.

Now this time in Pakistan, 70% is based on co-education. There are many schools, colleges & universities in Pakistan where boys and girls are given separate training, Which has many advantages and disadvantages that affect Pakistan’s education system. In Islamic countries, most girls leave co-educational schools after attaining their teenage years.

Even Co-education is started at a very young age, and for A and O levels, the system is the same as the CO education system. Due to co-education, self-confidence is born in a student or increases on a large scale because it eliminates many problems.

Like hesitancy of the tongue hence it improves coeducation and builds confidence in both girls and boys or plays a vital role in building up the confidence & personality in both girls and boys. Due to this system, the parents become more attentive and active about their children’s responsibilities and properly strictness and hardness to maintain their studies with full attention.

Now we are moved by the advantages of coeducation in Pakistan. Advantages of co-education in Pakistan

Advantages of co-education in Pakistan

A new argument in favor of this system is that our country is developing. The economy of our country is very delicate. Our resources are insufficient to cover the expenses of separate educational institutions for boys and girls, particularly at a high level.  Therefore, we should adopt co-education at least at a high level of study. It would help us to reduce our educational expenses. 

Second, this system promotes severe competition in studies between boys and girls. It arises a passion for work in them. The girls try to beat the boys and vice is due to this hard competition that the students face unusual skills in learning.

Third, co-education promotes character-building activities among students. It helps them to have their character larger than life. They become intelligent and sensible. They learn to overcome their emotions, passions, and sex drive. Moreover, it makes the plebeian boys modest and cultured. They get a lesson on how to teach the girls and treat them with a polite but rather different respect.

            On the other hand, the girls build a kind of confidence & pose. They become less weak and bashful. In this way, both create a pleasant and peaceful educational environment. Their mutual connection helps them understand each other. Another compelling reason for co-education is that in the present time.

Disadvantages of co-education in Pakistan

On the other side, some are against this system of education. They give the opinion that the supporters of this system are given to self-deception if we analyze the social system of those countries where co-education is in trend.

We know the golden honor and honesty traditions no longer exist there. Instead, the young boys and girls fall prey to the uncontrollable passions of lust and debauchery. In this way, educational institutions become the showground of corruption. This is why many girls at the high school level in Europe and America become unmarried mothers.

There are numerous sex attractions in the human body. A young human figure with beauty, charms, appearance, and style attracts the opposite sex. They do not use their brains.

 Moreover, young students lack maturity and judgment. If they could enjoy the opportunity of spending some time in the company of the opposite sex, it becomes hard for them to overcome their passions. So the free mixing of both sexes, instead of creating a poise of mind, make them restless. What should be the result of this restlessness? Study or sex?

The purpose of education is to prepare the youth for life. Men and women are two wheels of the vehicle of life doubt; they should move onward at the same speed and in the same direction. Therefore, both should be trained and educated equally for the prosperity of the nation and the country. But it is unjust to form a lame excuse of co-education from this need.

The problems of women are different from those of men. Therefore the syllabus for women should be different from that for men. Moreover, the natural facilities of both sexes are greatly changed. The nature of their responsibilities is different.

Therefore, they should not be taught the same syllabus in the same institutions.


 The purpose of coeducation is to end the modesty and nobility of women by arranging for them to join the glitters of the club. So, the education that lost their honor should be checked with an iron hand.

Most importantly, our religion, Islam, does not allow the free mixing of boys and girls. Gathering and coeducation are not good for any society, especially for an Islamic society.

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