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freelance visa in dubai

Now it is easy to get a freelance visa in Dubai. Where you can get freelance access worldwide, the UAE government has also issued a ticket to the freelancer. As a freelancer, he has the flexibility to work. They can get work from anywhere in the world. The government has provided many facilities to freelancers. So that more freelancers can come to work as freelancing in the United Arab Emirates and start their business by getting a freelancer visa in Dubai.

The most significant advantage here is that you don’t have to pay taxes. All money is your profit. If you also want to get a freelancer visa in Dubai, read this article from beginning to end. In it, we have explained how much it costs to get a freelancer visa and how much the qualification is. What the age should be and how to apply are explained. Everything is explained in great detail.

Types of Freelance Visa in Dubai

If you want to get a freelance visa for Dubai, you can get four types of visas as a freelancer.

  • Talent Pass for Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • A media freelance visa was issued to Dubai Media City.
  • Free Education Visa for Dubai Knowledge Park;
  • Designer visas are issued in the Dubai Design District.

What is a freelance visa in Dubai?

A freelancing visa can be obtained in Dubai, like in a European country. As in Dubai, we need a sponsor if we apply for any other type of visa, but on a freelancer visa, you don’t need a sponsor. You will apply for the freelance visa yourself. You will not need any third parties. To apply for a freelance visa, first, you have to apply for a permit. When your permit is issued, you apply for a freelance visa.

This is how you get a freelance visa. You can start your own business by getting a freelancer visa in Dubai. And besides, you can stay there with your family for one to five years. Compared to other visas, this facility has been provided. A freelancing visa is offered to Dubai residents and non-residents. So that more and more people come here and do freelancing.

Benefits of a freelance visa

If you want to work as a freelancer in Dubai, you want to work independently instead of working for a company. So a freelancer visa is beneficial for you. Because on a freelance visa, you can work independently. You can also work independently instead of for a company, which is not the case with other types of tickets.

  • The freelancing visa provides this facility if you want to go to Dubai with your family. On the freelancing visa, you can take your entire family with you. This way, you can stay here with your family as well.
  • After getting the freelancing visa, you can also open your bank account in Dubai. And also, if you want to make a credit card, you can do that too. You can also start your own business, which does not require you to be subordinate to anyone.
  • After getting a freelancing visa, you can also get a loan from any bank in Dubai. If you need money to run your business, you can quickly get a loan from any bank in Dubai and run your business.

Eligibility for a freelance visa in Dubai

Anyone can apply for a freelancing visa in Dubai. There are some requisite minutes that need to be met to apply for a freelancing visa. Anyone who will complete retirement can get a Dubai visa very quickly.


Your education should be in the field you are applying for. You should have this diploma so that when you apply, you will know what kind of work you are going for. To get a freelancer visa in Dubai,


If you are applying for a freelance visa in Dubai, you must have earned at least 36,000 AED from this specific skill within two years. This way, you have a chance to get your permit and freelance visa. Because it is included in the policy of the Dubai government that you also earn first in the one you are applying for, the government there will benefit from your departure.


Freelancers are typically required to provide a portfolio or painting samples that showcase their abilities, previous projects, or clients they’ve labored with. This facilitates an investigation of the satisfaction of their paintings and their potential to deliver professional offerings.

Financial Stability:

Freelancers may additionally need to offer proof of monetary balance to make sure they are able to support themselves financially during their lives in Dubai. This can include bank statements, economic statements, or evidence of earnings from preceding freelance paintings.

Valid Passport 

Applicants must have a legitimate passport with a minimal validity period (usually at least six months).

Good Conduct Certificate:

Some freelance permit issuers may also require freelancers to provide excellent behavior certificates or police clearance from their domestic US or every other U.S. country they have resided in for a certain period. This is to make certain they have a smooth report and meet the character requirements.

Health Insurance

Freelancers may also want valid medical health insurance in Dubai. The precise requirements for medical insurance may also vary, so it is instrumental in testing with the freelance provider or relevant government.

The cast of freelance visa in Dubai

If you want to get a Dubai Freelancer Visa if you are from Dubai or you are outside Dubai, then you have to pay the following expenses, which include a Freelancer Permit and an Attic Freelancer Table Bultity.

  • Freelance permit in Dubai, which costs 7,000 AEDĀ  per annum, which you have to pay every year
  • Establishment card in Dubai with a fee of 2000 AED per year. What do you have to pay?
  • The cost of a freelance residence visa in Dubai is AED 4,960 (normal) or AED 6,340 (express) if you are applying from within the UAE, and the fee is valid for three years if you are applying from outside the UAE. If yes, then you have to pay every year.

How to apply for a freelance visa in Dubai

Applying for a contract visa in Dubai includes several steps. Here is a fashionable assessment of the software method. Official website of UAE

Determine the Freelance Visa Type:

Identify the correct freelance visa category based on your area of work. Dubai offers specific freelance lets in for various sectors, including technology, media, schooling, and more.

Register with a Freelance Permit Issuer

Register with one of the authorized freelance permit issuers in Dubai. These entities facilitate the visa application procedure and offer necessary aid and guidance. Each freelance provider may have its own specific necessities and processes.

Gather the required documents:

Collect all of the necessary files according to the requirements of the freelance permit company. The actual record tick list may also vary, but commonly, you will want the subsequent:


A replica of your passport with a minimum validity period (typically six months)
Passport-sized pix: recent photographs meeting the specified requirements.
Professional Qualifications: Copies of applicable educational certificates, diplomas, or stages.
Experience Documents: Evidence of your work experience, including employment certificates, contracts, or consumer testimonials.


Showcase your preceding work samples, projects, or a complete portfolio that demonstrates your competencies and know-how.

Financial Documents:

Provide proof of monetary stability, bank statements, economic statements, or evidence of income from preceding freelance work.

Good Conduct Certificate:

Some freelance issuers might also require excellent behavior certificates or police clearance from your property or some other United States you have resided in for a certain length of time. This is to make sure you’ve got an easy file.

Submit the application.

Once you’ve accumulated all of the required files, post your utility to the freelance permit company. Ensure you accurately complete all the utility paperwork and offer the essential information.

Visa Processing and Fee Payment:

After submitting your application, the freelance permit provider will evaluate your files and process your visa. Pay the relevant costs throughout this level. The charges may also vary based totally on the freelance visa class and period.

Visa Issuance:

If your software is permitted, you’ll get a hold of your freelance visa. This will allow you to legally work in Dubai as an independent professional. The freelance visa will specify the duration of its validity.

It’s vital to note that the specific requirements and strategies may vary depending on the freelance permit company and any updates to the visa regulations. It’s advisable to talk with the freelance permit issuer or relevant authorities to get accurate and updated statistics on the software method for a contract visa in Dubai.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much is a freelance visa in Dubai?

Freelance visas in Dubai range from one year to five years. The cost is 20,000 AED for one year, 2700 AED for three years, and 5000 AED for five years.

Is a freelance visa still available in the UAE?

Yes, a freelancer visa in Dubai is also available. Anyone who meets the criteria can apply for a freelance visa. Rather, now the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates (MoHRE) in Dubai has launched a new permit in 2023.

Is the Dubai Freelance Visa Worth it?

Yes, if you have a freelance permit, you can do your business there, and you can shift your family there. You can take a loan from the bank, and many other facilities, such as the government, will provide



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