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How to use ChatGPT? Complete the Guide step by step

Before knowing how to use chatGPT you should know the basic information about chat GPT.

what is chatGPT?

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by Open AI and launched last year. It will be very mind-blowing technology biggest feature of chat GPT is that it is completely free.

in the era of mobile and you can do everything with chat GPT you think chat GPT gives you the answer to your a question you can write an essay or article you can write a full website you speak any language Urdu English Arabic Hindi chat with speak you in first language

how does chat GPT work?

if you write an article from chat in GPT so it gives you unique data for this it searches it in the Google search engine and reads and understands the separate data, then changes the wording and rights you a unique article

how can you assess chatGPT?

 first of all, go to your Google account and write chat GPT on the first website that is open

how do create an account on chatGPT?

 here first I will teach you how to create an account on Chat GPT then I will teach you the procedure for using Chat GPT.

After coming to the chat GPT website you will get a sign-in option and another sign-up option if you are using it for the first time then you will sign up so this will give you to create an account form hair you will write your email address after that the captcha has to be filled up and then it will ask you for the password you can enter any password then click on continue.

you will receive a mail from open AI from there you will verify your email address it will then ask you for your name and phone number here you will have to verify your phone number by OTP as soon as you enter the OTP code your account will be verified now you can use chat GPT

capability of chatGPT

If you remember your old chat and reply to net chat accordingly

limitations of chatGPT

 it can else something wrong or harmful it only has knowledge field to 2021 many things can happen before that it does not know

how to use chatGPT

 nowadays everyone wants to know how to use whatever you write in the chat box it will give you replies you can write an essay on the crypt you can carry ate your own website or an article for an existing website and you can ask any question on any subject that you have in mind if you write an article from chat with you you need data and if you don’t like this data so you can get a new database on region option given below

how to earn money with chatGPT

here are many ways to earn money by chat GPT I explain some of them

– Article writing

Go to chatGPT and write an article on any topic, after that what you have to do is to go to Fiverr and write an article writing.

So you will see that many people are saving article writing services here

Here you can sell your article by creating an article writing gig as an article writer.

– Books writing

you can write a book on any subject with the help of chat GPT.

 After that, you can go to the canvas and choose the matching book cover for your book

After that, you go to Amazon and search Kdp.Amazon

Which is Amazon’s publishing platform

You will open it and a new window will open in front of you. Here people upload their books. You sign up here now you will get a 70% commission if you upload your book

– Translate language 

The earning method after that is that you will go to the fiber and write the translate language language

Here you can earn by translating different topics articles or books into different languages۔

For this, you must first create a good CD on fiber

You can earn by translating any article or topic etc. with the help of ChatGPT

– Blog posting

After that you can write any article and upload it on your website with the help of Let GPT, here it will be added to your blog giving you an earning.

– Writing titles and descriptions of different products 

After that, the next method of earning is that you go to the Amazon website, open any product and you will see that the product will have a unique title and description.

Here people who sell their products need a description and title for their product to sell their product.

With the help of chatGPT, you can write the title and description of any product and sell it.

– After that, you will go to flikki.AI software which gives you video and voiceover of any text.

Then the last method of earning that I will tell you is that you have to go to and write any question for example how to hire a graphic designer 

From here you will copy your question and paste it on chatGPT and write its factor from there and they will make it the factor of his question then you go to Fiver and search Best Graphic Designer Copy any good graphic designer link from here and submit below.

In this way also you can earn a lot

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