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Robert Greene net worth is $7 million. Robert Greene was born on May 14, 1959, in California, USA, into a Jewish family, and his religion is Judaism. He received his primary education in his locality and then joined the University of Wisconsin Medicine. After receiving his university degree, he worked in Italy for two years. Robert Greene did about 80 jobs. Among them are storywriters, magazine editors, and translators in Hollywood. Then he started writing his books, for which he became famous. And he became the richest writer in the world. Some of his important books are

  • The 48 Laws of Powers
  • The Art of Seduction
  • The 33 Strategies of War
  • The 50th Law

Who is Robert Greene?

Robert Greene was born on May 14, 1959, in the city of California, in the United States, to a Jewish family. After receiving his primary education, he received his higher education from the University of California. Robert Greene is known as an author who has written many books that revolve around the human mind. It is said about Robert Greene that he had a lot of knowledge about how a human being thinks and works. However, Robert Greene is one of the richest authors in the world.

Robert Greene’s famous books are the best sellers in the market, which made him famous. The 48 Laws of Power (1998), The Art of Seduction (2001), and Mastery (2001) are Robert Greene’s best-known publications. 33 Strategy of War Mastery and The Laws of Human Nature are also among his best-selling books.

Robert Greene was writing his book “The Law of Human Nature” when he suffered a stroke. Due to this, his left arm and leg stopped working. But despite his disability, he did not give up and continues to write content. His hard work and love for work are the secrets behind Robert Greene’s net worth and success.

Early life 

Robert Greene was born in Los Angeles, California. His early life was also spent in Los Angeles, where he received a classic degree from the University of Wisconsin Medicine after receiving his early education. Later he moved to Italy, where he worked to teach at Art and Media School. Before being Robert Green’s author, he worked in different fields and different cities.

  Thus I became an experienced writer. Robert Greene is said to have done about 80 jobs in different cities and that is why he has emerged as one of the most successful writers. In these jobs, he served in various fields, including the magazine editor, Hollywood, the contract, and the construction agency. He emerged as one of the most successful writers in the world, gaining experience in these fields. Robert Greene was not born into a very rich family, but he was born into a poor family and made himself a successful person by working hard and entertaining himself.

Robert Greene Source of income 

He said that if it comes to the source of income, it is not a single source, but he worked in many institutions. Later, he continued to write his own books as an author, but his source of income was more than his being an author. But before that, he was working in different departments. As in construction, he worked as a story writer in Hollywood and Italy, and then he worked as a magazine editor. He also worked as a translator for different languages, translating them into five different languages. Most of Robert Greene’s net worth is from being an author; he earns most from selling his books, and that is his business.

 Robert Greene Net Worth 

Robert Greene’s net worth is around $7 million.

Most of his earnings come from selling his books. It became famous when he wrote a book called “Power of Books.” The book went viral, becoming a huge hit and a New York Times bestseller. In this book, Robert Green mentions the effects of power and the most famous people. This book became special because it was translated into 20 languages, and more than 15,000 copies were sold.

But Robert Greene’s source of income is not only his books; before that, he worked more than 80 jobs in almost different fields. Her life changed when she got a job at a renowned art media school in Italy, where she met Joost Elfers. From where he started writing books, today he is one of the richest writers in the world and has grown very fast.

Robert Greene as an Author 

When Robert Greene got his degree from the university, he went to Italy. There he worked in a school; apart from that, he worked in many departments. Among them, he worked as a story writer, translator, and editor in the construction department, of Hollywood. But from here, he got to learn and experience a lot.

Then he formally started his career as a writer. He started writing his own books, his first being about these people. Those who want to gain power and those who want to run away from power He penned his words, seeing everything clearly and matter-of-factly.

Apart from this, there are many other books by Robert Greene in which success is explained clearly. How to Become a Successful Person One of his books also explained how to recognize and avoid people who seduce you or prevent you from succeeding. If you want to be successful in the world, you have to avoid seducing people. So that nothing else stands in the way of your success, that’s why Robert Greene is known worldwide as a successful author. Robert Greene net worth is also among the richest.

Robert Greene wife 

His wife is Anna Buller. Robert Greene is still happily living his life with her. In an interview, Robert Green says, I am very happy with my wife. Anna Luber is a filmmaker. While Robert Greene is also a prolific writer with a passion for mountain biking and swimming, he is also fluent in five languages.

Robert Greene books 

After graduating from university, Robert Greene held about 80 jobs in different cities and in different departments. From here, he learned a lot, but then he started his regular career as a writer, and then he started writing his own books. Robert Greene net worth of $7 million, which he has made mostly from selling his books. Some of his famous and best-selling books are mentioned below. buy online books on Amazone

The 48 Law of Powers

This book by Robert Greene is very popular and readable because the author clearly states it. How to get power and what difficulties you have to face to become powerful How a man makes himself powerful. However, other than that, how can you face a powerful one to defend yourself? Apart from this, the author has written down the most famous power-based conflicts in history in this book.

Also, this book is specifically for those people. Those who are repeatedly rejected or have no value in society The main reason is that they do not value themselves and are disappointed from all sides. This book is very useful for them. This book by Robert Green makes it clear when someone is talking to you.

The Art of Seduction

Written by the author of “The Art of Seduction,” this book is a must-have for anyone. Whether you are in a business relationship, a political party, or a partnership, this book is the best model for you. Moreover, how can you communicate by looking into another person’s eyes? If you are fighting for such a cause, This book is very useful if you have to convince more people. How to read people’s emotions in this book and how you can turn these emotions towards you So that more people join your company.

The 33 Strategies of War

The 33 Laws of War This book by Robert Greene covers these rules. That you want to achieve a certain goal in the battlefield or in life. So how can you defeat the obstacles that come between you and your enemies? Whether that enemy is internal or external, you can defeat yourself by adopting the best strategy.

This book is illustrated with numerous real-life examples. On how to defend yourself, this book can be used as a tool, especially for students. Because in it everything is explained with great clarity about what strategy you should adopt in a war.

The 50th Law

Robert Greene, renowned for his insightful dissection of power dynamics in his works, collaborates with rapper 50 Cent in “The 50th Law,” an audacious exploration of fearlessness, strategy, and the art of self-mastery. Released in 2009, this book transcends genres, merging Greene’s expertise in human psychology and strategy with 50 Cent’s real-life experiences navigating the streets and the music industry. Let’s delve into the profound wisdom woven through its pages.

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FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Robert Greene’s net worth?

Robert Greene net worth is $7 million.

Is 48 Laws of Power worth reading?

Yes, The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene is a widely read book. How to use your power and how to present yourself to a powerful person are described.

Does Robert Greene believe in God?

No. Robert Greene does not believe in God, even though he was born into a Jewish family. His religion was Judaism, but it does not believe in God, and it does not deny the existence of God.


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