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little hole next to the keyhole

what is the purpose of the little hole next to the keyhole?

Who is not familiar with the name of a lock? A lock has its own place in every house. Most locks are used for home security. But you will use the lock many times a day. But have you ever thought about or noticed that under the lock where the key is inserted, little hole next to keyhole? What is the purpose of that hole? And what is the purpose of that door? Why is it needed? Or what could be the secret behind it? So in this article, we will tell you the truth about the small hole under the lock and what is the secret behind it.

The little hole next to keyhole? advantages

The lock is mostly used for exterior use of the house. That is, Tala Direct withstands rain and snow. The small hole at the bottom of the lock. Its main purpose is related to the quality of the lock. When rain or snow falls over the lock, the rainwater flows into the lock. This can cause the lock to rust. And also its internal parts may stop working. Its internal parts can expand due to heat, and it can shrink due to cold.

So to protect against all these weather effects and to maintain the quality of the lock, a small hole is made at the bottom of the lock. So that when the waterfall comes inside the lock from the top, that water comes out of the small hole at the bottom. This way, when the water drains out, the lock will not rust and the internal parts of the lock will work properly. If there is no hole inside the lock, then the lock will last 24 hours with great difficulty.

Because once the inside of the lock rusts, its internal parts will stop working. So this little hole next to keyhole keeps the lock in place for a long time. And also maintains its quality. Also, if your key gets stuck, this key of the lock still helps you, so the lock is designed above this small bar.

so that the lock can withstand weathering and also help if any other problems occur. Applying oil to the small hole under the lock increases the working speed of the internal part of the lock. And it is not easily damage, the small hole is also made for the same purpose so as not to damage the internal parts of the lock.

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You must have known how much work the little hole under the lock does. Also, how important is it in this whole lock? And also how important the lock is, that is why it design in the lock to protect it from weather effects.

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