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freelancing course in faisalabad

If you live in Faisalabad. And you want to take freelancing courses and web development course in Faisalabad in this era of growing digital. However, if you want to know how and where I can do these freelancing courses. So in this article, I will tell you the full details. What is web development? What are its benefits? After doing this, will we get any job or will we start our own business? What are the institutes in Faisalabad that are conducting web development courses? What are the fees of these institutions? Can we do a web development course online also? What is the fee if we want to do it online? Is the government also conducting web development courses in Faisalabad? If you have all these questions, then in this article you will get the answer to all these questions

what is web development?

In web development, you will be taught how to build and design an application and website. You will learn how to create different types of websites which can be small to large e-commerce websites. Who will learn different languages and design using those languages? Which include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

However, basically, web development consists of two parts.

  1. Front-end Web development
  2. Backend Web development

Front-end Web development

In Front End Web Development you will mainly be taught the basics of web development. Which is basically how any website is designed. In this, you are more focused on creating the interface of the website. After that, you will learn how to add pages using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, etc.

Back-end webdevelpment

In this, you learn to create a website database by learning the advanced language. This includes JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and Python. In this, you will be equipped with knowledge of Front-End Development and Back-End Development.

After the web development course 

After taking a web development course, you can also do your job, and after that, you can create your own business website.

Web development job 

After doing a web development course you can also do a job, which is highly paid. In this, you can do whatever you can by sitting at your home and working in a nearby software house. We have a freelancing platform where you can earn money by getting your job. The biggest advantage is that you can answer it whenever and wherever you want. You can do this job in two ways, one is online sitting in your home and the other is in a software house. To do a job sitting at your home on any freelancing platform in any skill you want to do the job tomorrow.

You have to create an account related to that skill and thus you can get a job from anywhere and anytime from all over the world. Which charges quite a lot. This way you can earn thousands of dollars a month. Alternatively, you can get a job in any software house that offers a decent salary package.

Own a website or Social Application

After taking a web development course you can create your own website. You can create an e-commerce website. However, you can also create a social application. Including other websites like Daraz, Amazon OLX, Pak Well, etc. Similarly, there are thousands of social profiles like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest so on that you can create any of them and run your own business.

Web development course in Faisalabad (Government Institute)

Like the whole of Pakistan, now in Faisalabad also, the government has started conducting freelancing courses. This includes marketing and advertising, Web development, and technical courses. Which are done by NFTP from Govt. You can also take admitted to the National Freelancing Training Program and take the web development course from there, which is completely free. The fee of which is two thousand rupees.

You are also issued a degree by the government. If you want to participate or enroll in freelancing courses and training programs, you can visit my website for full details CLICK HERE. How you can get admission to National Freelancing Training Program And what are the requirements for that, you can know all these things from there. In this way, you can also do this course by Govt which is conducted at National Textile University in Faisalabad.

Web development course in Faisalabad (Private Institute)

Career Institute Web development course in Faisalabad

one of the most famous Career Institutes conducts web development and many such courses in Faisalabad. You can also take a web development course in Faisalabad from there. You can easily take this course by taking classes of different timings and making your career.

 The details of which are as follows

 This web development course is ongoing Jul 05, 23 – Oct 31, 23 10 AM – 12 PM  

Location: Career Institute Hed office career institute P-165, 1st floor, 262 Millat Road, Millat Chowk Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan 38000

Official website;

Telephone;  +92 41 8580027

Phone:         +92 3158580027


TECNSOL Web development course in Faisalabad

A digital marketing and web designer in Techno Faisalabad. The institute conducting the course is From where you can easily take courses in any category you want. You can enroll in any course you want by visiting their website visit official website:

TECNSol: Technologies and Solutions are providing the simplest solutions of Complex technology for most technological problems.

Address: Office # 32, 33, 34 Basement BC Tower

Near GCUF, Faisalabad

Mobile Number: +92303-4404271

Phone Number: +92301-4205067

Institute of Live Traning Lab

LIVE TRAINING LAB Education Center is complete and an integral part of Local Education in USA & PAKISTAN! Education Center is complete and an integral part of Local Education in USA & PAKISTAN!

Official  website:


  • Web Development
  • Designing
  • Social Media
  • Engineering
  • Ms.. Office
  • CMS (Content Management System)

US Address : 2885 Sanford Ave SW #41653 Grandville, MI 49418

PAK Address: H No 11, St No 6, Mudni Road Mustafa Abad LHR

US Contact: +1-616-328-5881, +966 59 164 5239

Pak contact: 0323-6567207, 0317-4208110



Monday 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Tuesday 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Wednesday 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Thursday 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Friday 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Sunday Closed


In this way, you can make your career by taking a web development course in Faisalabad. So I will comment to you that you should do this course from the government freelancing courses. If you do it from the government, one will be free and the other will get you a degree after freelancing courses announced degree from the government. And in this way, you have a lot of chances to get a government job. the trainers of the government are also quite experts. And so if your timing is a problem then you can do this course from private institutes as well.

These are also quite good institutes in which you can do online and physical classes as well. You can visit their official website, mail them or contact them on WhatsApp to know your timing and class schedule. If you also want to get information about Lansing online not technology or letter news and education then you can visit our blog.



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